Feel confident in pricing your work for a profitable food photography business.

What's Your Rate?

If you've ever been asked "what's your rate?" and had no idea what to say, this course will solve that problem.  Pricing commercial and editorial food photography is different from wedding and families photography. We're working with businesses and there are important rules in play that will help you to price your work in such a way that's appropriately competitive, communicates your value AND helps you meet your personal financial goals. 

This mini-course is comprised of 7 video lessons that walk you through gaining clarity on your finances, how to consult with clients to estimate a photography job, pricing photo licensing and communicating image usage, and lots of sample estimates for different types of food photography clients, large and small.

The goal by the end of the course is that you feel ready to respond when someone wants to do business with you and that the numbers you're presenting are fair and profitable.


Hi! I'm Joanie. Commercial food photographer, YouTube creator and enthusiastic educator. 

Seven years ago, my professional path was all over the map. But today I marvel at the fact that all of my various "day jobs" have come together in this course. I learned how to teach and engage with a group as an administrator in higher education. I learned how to make a profit as the general manager of a small technology based business. I learned how to sell and manage client relationships, along with learning the ins-and-outs of business systems. In total, all of these unique experiences shaped my own commercial photography business, and it's the reason I'm uniquely qualified to help you do the same.

“Happy are those whose purpose has found them.” – Anonymous

What's Included?

Lifetime access to all materials including 10 pre-recorded educational videos

3 customizable template forms for your business

My streamlined system for pricing photography work and how to know you're creating profit based on your unique business needs. 

A resources vault including samples of real estimates for clients and jobs large and small. From bids for restaurants to small brands to multi-national companies.

Access to The Bite Shot Open Office Hours and Profitable Pricing Community Meetings with Joanie and fellow students via Zoom.

A bonus lesson for building pricing for sponsored content for bloggers and influencers.

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