Turn your love of food photography into a full-time business.

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FullTime Framework is a four-week, interactive online course for food photographers who want to learn how to set a solid business foundation and turn their craft into a career.

The course includes self-guided video content, weekly assignments, an interactive community, and weekly live stream sessions all geared toward building your business. After the first four weeks of the course, you will continue to have lifetime access to all of the materials.

The goal by the end of four weeks is that you feel confident to move your business forward with a clear path and an action plan.

Created for YOU

It's not a set-it-and-forget it course.

I will be actively involved in the community forum and crafting special educational content for the live stream sessions based on the needs of you and your cohort.

That also means you'll be held accountable, so please be prepared to fully participate through the first four weeks of the course.

It's a one-stop-shop for your business needs and comes with heap loads of support and motivation.

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What's Included?

Lifetime access to all materials including 19 educational videos

4 customizable template forms for your business

My streamlined system for pricing photography work and how to know you're creating profit based on your unique business needs

Accounting best practices for photographers so you can create a long-term, sustainable business.

The Pitch Guide with sample e-mail templates you can use to pitch your services to potential clients

A 30-page workbook with 5 interactive assignments

How to create a professional proposal that presents your services based on your unique value.

My pre-production methods that ensure a well-planned photoshoot and happy clients.

Lifetime access to an interactive online community

4 supplemental live stream sessions during the initial four weeks of the course

A supportive environment that can help propel you through the fear and self-doubt that come with starting your own business.


Hi! I'm Joanie. Commercial food photographer, YouTube creator and enthusiastic educator. 

Four years ago, my professional path was all over the map. But today I marvel at the fact that all of my various "day jobs" have come together in this course. I learned how to teach and engage with a group as an administrator in higher education. I learned how to make a profit as the general manager of a small technology based business. I learned how to sell and manage client relationships, along with learning the ins-and-outs of business systems. In total, all of these unique experiences shaped my own commercial photography business, and it's the reason I'm uniquely qualified to help you do the same.

“Happy are those whose purpose has found them.” – Anonymous

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Food photographers who are looking to turn their creativity into a career but unsure of where to start.

Who is this course NOT for?

Established commercial and editorial photographers will likely find this course more geared toward those just starting out. Though some benefit can be gleaned, it's probably not enough to be worth the time and financial investment.

What will we learn?

It's all about the business side of commercial and editorial food photography.  Things like insurance, planning your finances, marketing, pitching prospective clients, creating professional proposals, pricing, contracts, systems to effectively plan for shoots and the things you need to be doing to be working ON your business, not just IN your business. 

There is NO photography instruction with this course, though.  If you're looking to learn techniques, my YouTube is full of tutorials.  You can also learn flash photography in my other online course

How much time commitment is required for the course?

For the four week duration of the course, it’s approximately 30 to 45 minutes per week of pre-recorded videos to watch on your own time, then an hour live session at the end of the week to dive deeper into specific topics and Q&A. Anyone who is unavailable for the live stream sessions. will be able to watch the recording of them. There are also weekly assignments, though the time commitment on those will vary from person to person.  For example, there is a portfolio review assignment.  If you already have an established online portfolio then all that might be needed are some tweaks and additions, as opposed to someone creating a portfolio for the first time, but in general, an estimate of about an hour to two hours per week for the assignments.  So, in total, per week it’s approximately 2 - 4 hours per week commitment. 

After the four weeks, you'll continue to have lifetime access to all materials, so if there's something you glossed over initially, you can always revisit it.

Is it only for food photographers or can other photographers benefit?

The content is created specifically with food photography in mind, but students who have taken the course agree that it would apply to anyone looking to pursue commercial / editorial photography in any genre.  However, it would not be beneficial to anyone looking to build a business in consumer photography (wedding, families, newborn, etc...).

Is it only for US students or does the material apply internationally?

This course was beta tested with students from the US, Canada and UK and was created specifically with a global audience in mind. 

How long can I access the course materials?

You have lifetime access to all course materials, videos and the online community.  The only aspect that ends after the initial four weeks is Joanie's daily involvement in the online forum and the live stream sessions. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You bet! If you find by the end of the second week that you haven't learned anything and that this course's content won't apply to your business, just let me know and I'll provide a full refund. 


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