Welcome to the fast-track to getting started in photography! This course is designed to take you through all of the important foundations of food photography in an easy-to-follow format.  

We start from the very beginning, making sure you know how to navigate your camera, important terms, how to find the best place to shoot for optimal lighting, how to set a stellar foundation in editing with Adobe Lightroom, and plenty of real-life demonstrations of different styles and techniques.  

Plus, the course comes with a community of food photographers (in our own private space, not on Facebook). It's a place to share your work, make friends and get plenty of support from your instructor. 

Capture awesome images on purpose

Many of us spent far too long guessing at camera settings, hoping for good lighting, and not feeling totally in control of the images coming out of our cameras.  Here's your opportunity to skip the trial and error and start feeling proud of your photos.

How to Join

Course Outline

Here's what's on the agenda for us to learn together. And the best part is we'll also be hanging out in the classroom to answer questions and support you if you get stuck!

Camera Basics

Orientation to your camera and settings

Understanding Aperture and Shutter Speed

Understanding ISO and the Histogram

Orientation to Lenses and Understanding Focal Length

Nailing Focus and working in Manual and Auto Focus Modes

Working with Light

Diagnosing the Quality and Direction of Light

Understanding the Color Temperature of Light

Getting Creative

Maximizing the Impact of Your Images


Uploading and Organizing Your Images

Editing Images in Lightroom

Exporting Images in Lightroom

Working with RAW files

Protecting Your Images

Practice and Demos

Styling, Shooting and Editing a Breakfast Scene

A Dark and Moody Minimal Burger Scene

A Bright and Light Overhead Soup Scene

Capturing Action with an Iced Coffee



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